Friday, September 23, 2011

Further Blurbage for DON'T EVER GET OLD

DON'T EVER GET OLD moves closer, still to its eventual publication next year.  This week, I got two new blurbs from awesome and famous authors whose books you should probably be reading.

Alma Katsu, author of  THE TAKER said: "We have nothing to fear from aging, if DON'T EVER GET OLD is any measure. By turns gritty and snappy, Dan Friedman's protagonist, WWII vet and former Memphis homicide detective 'Buck' Schatz rises to the occasion despite old age and the indignities that come with it, to resolve the terrible injustice from his war years that he thought he'd put to rest. As a former war crimes analyst, I have to say Friedman's treatment of his villain, Nazi war criminal Zeigler, was entirely satisfying: a most fitting punishment for a too-human monster. Friedman's clever debut novel is like an epilogue to 'Inglorious Basterds,' sixty-six years later."

Harry Dolan, author of BAD THINGS HAPPEN and VERY BAD MEN said:  “If you read one book this year about the adventures of an eighty-eight-year-old Jewish retired cop and his frat-boy grandson, it had better be Daniel Friedman’s Don’t Ever Get Old.  Friedman creates a colorful cast of oddball characters and sends them on a quest to recover a stash of Nazi gold.  The result is a twisty, funny, fast-paced treat.”