Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Awesome Book I'm Not Writing

When everyone else forgot Melissa's eleventh birthday, Tinkerbell brought her a dead bird.

When kids at school acted like she didn't exist, Butterscotch always patiently listened, his green eyes wide, his tail twitching.

When Melissa was too depressed to leave the house after her mother's death, she found comfort by resting her face on Mister Bootsie's warm tummy.

This is a story about the small, furry things that made a life worth living.

Everybody Loves Pussy: A Lifelong Love Affair With Cats, a novel that Daniel Friedman isn't writing, is not coming soon to a bookstore near you.


  1. I'm not sure about the title, but I like the premise and the ideas you've mentioned. I think a story focusing on a cat/s with qualities that show her as special, yet fairly typical of loyal and loving cats, would have an interested readership. I suspect that one of the most popular youtube channels is Cheeseburger which features vids of cats - going by sheer numbers alone. I tell my cat she's part of an advanced species as she's descended from the deified cats of ancient times. (And she's a nicer person than most people I know.) Being a creature of mystery and modesty she says nothing, but I'm sure she agrees.

  2. Well, unfortunately I am still not writing it. But if you like books about pets, you should check out Jon Franklin's "A Wolf In The Parlor," about the 12,000 year relationship between people and dogs.

    Franklin is a Pulitzer-winning science writer, and "Wolf" pulled off the rare hat-trick of getting starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, Library Journal and Kirkus.