Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mystery Scene magazine loves DON'T EVER GET OLD

Mystery Scene Magazine has reviewed DON'T EVER GET OLD.  Reviewer Derek Hill said:  "It's a pitch-perfect debut novel, expertly balancing comedy, gritty crime drama, absurdity, and genuine poignancy.  It's one of the most assured debuts in some time -- the dialogue and tight, expert plotting should please fans of Elmore Leonard, Charles Willeford, and Joe Lansdale.  The mystery field is crammed with "colorful" amateur detectives, but you've never met anyone quite like this old bastard.  You'll never forget him either.  Highly recommended."

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  1. Hi, Daniel--

    I edit, a literary publication in Tennessee, and I have been trying to reach Hector DeJean to arrange for jpegs and a review copy, but the email I sent on Wednesday just bounced back, and the contact button on this blog doesn't work. Would you mind emailing me the name and email address of another publicity contact at Macmillan? I'm at margaret[at]humanitiestennessee[dot]org.

    Thanks, and congratulations on all those starred reviews!

    Margaret Renkl