Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's out.  

The critics loved it and now, you can too.  Here are some reviews:

Publishers Weekly (starred): "Friedman makes his limited lead plausible, and bolsters the story line with wickedly funny dialogue."

Kirkus (starred): "The real prize here, however, isn’t Nazi treasure but Buck’s what-the-hell attitude toward observing social pieties, smoking in forbidden venues and making life easier for other folks. As he battles memory loss and a host of physical maladies, it’s great to see that he can still make whippersnapper readers laugh out loud."

Booklist (starred): "a knockout of a book"

Library Journal (starred): "Short chapters, crackling dialog, and memorable characters make this a standout 
debut. With his curmudgeonly lead, Friedman ensures his intergenerational detective story maintains a pitch-perfect tone. The underlying theme of revenge balances a wacky plot that evokes Elmore Leonard."
You can buy it at:

Mystery Scene Magazine: "It’s a pitch-perfect debut novel, expertly balancing comedy, gritty crime drama, absurdity, and genuine poignancy. It’s also one of the most assured debuts in some time."

BookPage Magazine (Top Pick): "Schatz is an anachronism: a chain-smoking Lucky Strike addict; a Luddite to a fault; cranky and crotchety at every juncture. He is also wickedly funny and full of pithy homilies. Don’t Ever Get Old is just about as good as debut mysteries get."

Library Journal's "Books For Dudes"Buck transcends masculinity in favor of manliness...If you don’t like this book, there’s something wrong with you."

Criminal Element "Fresh Meat:  "This book reflects back to a serious and dreadful time in world history and yet, Buck is so funny in his approach to life, that I laughed my way throughout. For the sheer joy of it, I re-read the part where Buck and Tequila are in the bank, trying to open the safety deposit box, three or four times. It was that irresistible."

You can read the first chapter here

And you can buy it at these places:

Or at your local independent bookstore, which I recommend, because DON'T EVER GET OLD is a SIBA Okra Pick.

Here is an ad about how all four trades gave the book starred reviews:


  1. I chuckled throught out the tale, found myself reading out loud to anyone in the room. Its difficult to believe David is a 30'ish young man. You are either a very talented writer or I want to meet your muse. I hope to have that much moxie when I am 87. I will also be a power to be reckoned with. Nancy Slusar

  2. Wow, to think a man closer to 40 than 80 wrote this book blows my mind! I hope he is planning prequels to the Buck Schatz series! Michael W. Noonan

  3. I didn't just chuckle, I laughed out loud! Very funny, touching, and riveting....I especially loved the "Something I don't want to forget" segments at the end of most chapters. As someone turning 64 this year, I have decided to adopt Buck's habit of writing down stuff...why wait until I'm in my 80's?

    btw: I will be nominating "Don't Ever Get Old" for Salt Lake County Library's Reader's Choice list (for Jan-April, 2013). We select 25 or so titles, buy 150 copies and let the public vote. In the meantime, I'll recommend your novel to friends, neighbors, and all my library customers! Ruby Cheesman

  4. Saw this book listed in BOOK PAGE at the library and ordered it. When I picked it up I saw the back cover blurb from Nelson DeMille, one of my favorites, and couldn't wait to read it. That was YESTERDAY!!!!! What a great job, Dan!!! I haven't enjoyed a book so much since I read Lou Manfredo's first book last year. I am looking forward to more Buck. Thanx for the smile on my face since I closed the cover 15 minutes ago!!!!

  5. I just got the book for Netgalley and it will be featured on my blog on July 17, Blog is http://mixedbookbag.blogspot.com I also recommended it on Goodreads. Gave it 5 stars. Not a rating I give many books.