Monday, August 9, 2010

The best pick-up line I have ever heard

This is a pick-up line another dude used, on me  (unsuccessfully, because I only like women).

This happened a few years ago at a bar in the West Village:  dude rolls up and offers to buy me a drink.  Thanks, but no thanks; very flattering, Bro, but I am straight and not interested.

"I know you're straight," he says.  "I only fuck straight guys."

"No," I say.  "I'm really straight."

Dude says:  "Everybody's got a little queer in him, and with a few shots of tequila and a little K-Y, you can usually get some more in there."

And it may be true, but I was drinking beer and not at all interested in testing the hypothesis.  Still, it is the unquestioned awesomest pick-up line I have ever heard.  That guy probably gets laid every night.

In case you are wondering, my line, lately, has been: "So, let me tell you about this book I wrote."  Guess what? It turns out that writing dark mysteries about elderly people is not catnip for the ladies.  It's better than "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" though.

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