Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Birthday Present

Only one person really loves me; the person who bought me the flat-panel and the PS3 and the awesome watch.  Thanks, Dan, for another awesome gift.  You're welcome, Dan.

I needed a carry-on size bag that I made me look cool while I lugged it through the airport

Behold, gentle readers, is the Temple U-Zip Duffle Bag, a case study in concentrated awesomeness.  A minor genius named Steve Opperman came up with the idea to sell hand-sewn bags made from army surplus fabrics from World War II.

Basically, this is the manliest bag since God invented scrotums.  It's got a very distinctive look, and it's cool; it's the thing that someone cooler than me in a cool movie would fill with cooler stuff than the stuff I've got.

The Money Shot:

Brass hardware:

Inside is lined with raw canvas:

The stenciled letters are apparently original:

Here are videos showing how this thing gets made:

Cool, right?  They also make iPad cases.


  1. Okay, I have a serious bag fixation. Not purses. Bags. I really like that bag. I would so buy that bag. I will have to win the lottery first. Dammit.

    Here's one I do have (the photo doesn't do it justice: I have the olive): best carryon bag I've found so far. I have a few of their bags and they are all awesome (Skytrain and Mini-ruck are my work-horses).

    I lust after this: in the khaki, not the olive. Have a small field bag and large carryon from them. The field bag gets a ton of use. I love the carryon but it's better for when you want to look cool than for when you need to schlep a long way (which I usually need to do), because it's kind of heavy. Still glad I have it though.

  2. Wes Anderson made a movie where the emotional baggage carried by Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman was manifested as a set of matching custom Louis Vuitton luggage.

    Being far less cool than any of those people, I think my emotional baggage looks like a couple of Hefty Bags stuffed with what probably looks like pieces of corpses. So I have to go out of pocket for the fashionable stuff. I want to believe, despite my failure to be Owen Wilson, that I am slightly too hip to drag around a wheelie-bag.

    But I got this deeply discounted on sale through Gilt, actually. My people are genetically predisposed to never pay retail.

  3. Hah! Yeah, I got the Filson on eBay.

    Wheeled luggage is too heavy, also. Emotional baggage, I have it, but my back can only take so much!